Grinkers Grand Palace


Due in part to Covid-19, Grinkers is permanently closed to the general public. We will remain open in a private capacity for our long-time fans, and for those that appreciate the value of Grinkers as a vintage, playable arcade museum. Grinkers is a preservation of 80s history, and a reflection of simpler times.

If you value what Grinkers represents and want to join the effort to keep Grinkers alive on a private basis, you can secure an invitation as follows:

  1. You must read and agree to the updated house rules.
  2. You must have a valid photo ID on file, or provide us with your valid photo ID.
  3. Other than quarters, Grinkers is now cashless. You must have a debit/credit card on file.
  4. You may bring dollars for the change machine. You can also get quarters with your card.
  5. Past memberships: you will be credited from 3/18/20 through the end of your term.
  6. Single day access is no longer available.
  7. Membership dues:
      Household - $65 per four month period, one year minimum.
      Individual - $50 per four month period, one year minimum.
  8. Members get their guests in for free, as long as the member is present.
  9. A 13% gratuity will be added to all food and drink purchases.
  10. A limited number (to be determined) of memberships will be available.
  11. Only members and their guests will be admitted. Guests of members will be admitted free.
  12. Covid-19 sanitation and social distancing rules enforced. Details on last page.
  13. School field trips, and events for special needs children will still be accomodated.

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